Only in Europe!

Only in Europe!

When it comes to travelling, for most people particularly in the Philippines (especially me) Europe would be the ultimate continent to Visit. Europe offers diverse collection of stunning landscape, world class architecture from medieval to their modern edifice, Basilicas and museums, home of the paramount portraitists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, scientists, novelists, and great inventors of all time. Their work-of-art bursting with details was preserved and still being enjoyed by Millions of visitors from different nations globally.


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Travel back to the future, in Europe.

 Travel in Old-fashioned way with Modern Technology via Train that connects most of the illustrious cities and Countries in Europe with ease. 26 of European countries have entered into an agreement in 1995 to the gradual abolition of boarder checks at the signatories’ common boarders that will allow their residents to cross any European country without passing through the hassle of check points that are now being enjoyed by tourists all over the world. This treaty was called Schengen named after the small town in Luxembourg.


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 Europe offers a first-rate Train System that connects most of the prominent cities and countries that makes it manageable to country hop where you enjoy breath taking sights and landscapes like the photo above as you move to your next destination.


Eiffel Tower – The Tower of Love in Paris, France.

Most of the blogs and articles that I’ve read describes Eiffel tower as enchanted and brilliant. Their experience was almost unexplainable; imagine that you’re standing on Top of the tower overlooking the remarkable scenery of Paris while holding hands with your one true love. I can’t wait to experience that myself the magic and enchanting powers of the 1,063 ft tall Eiffel Tower.


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The tower attracts 6 Million visitors per year according to Travelers Digest and has contributed to place France to be the Top most visited country in Europe and in the World with 81,411,000 foreign visitors each year over by 21 Million against the United States of America with roughly 61 Million foreign visitors per year.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Definitely I am not a beer fan but I am more than excited to experience Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. The most celebrated festival in the world with nearly 7 Million attendees’ world-wide. Oktoberfest or some calls it Wiesn is an important part of Bavarian culture that started in 1810 as a celebration of Royal Wedding. Look how happy they are with their massive mugs of beer. Cheers!

 Oktoberfest 2010 - Opening Day

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Munich, celebrated this old tradition in 1994, and was held in an area named The Theresienwiese field or meadow of Therese. This is a 16 days celebration that starts in September and ends in the first Monday of October where beer is overflowing with 7 million of liters served during the 16 days event in 2007. Whether you are a Beer fanatic or just a curious individual, the festival guarantees to satisfy your thirst in beer, the real definition of PARTY!

See you soon Europa!